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Wireless Lighting System Starter Pack - TT:3mm Gauge
  • Wireless Lighting System Starter Pack - TT:3mm Gauge


    This starter pack is ideal for upgrading any railway, from the novice beginner to the most experienced railway modeller and adults and kids alike. This starter pack includes everything you will need to get your Wireless Lighting System up and running, including; a junction with 5 sockets, 5 power transmitters and your choice of 5 lights.

    The Wireless Lighting System works on wireless power to bring lighting to your railway without the need for drilling holes or hard wiring the lights to your railway. This simple but effective system comes with a growing selection of beautiful lights guaranteed to bring character and life to your railway.

    There are three different size bases available for the lighting system(Interior lights are only available with medium or large bases. If small base is selected then medium base will be provided;

    Small base - needs direct contact to coil base

    Medium base - can travel up to 5mm from coil base

    Large base - can travel up to 10mm from coil base


    Buildings shown in images are N scale Metcalfe Farmhouse, N scale Metcalfe Parish church, N Scale Hornby Lyddle End Signal Box


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