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Custom models

What I do

I am a freelance 3D designer who offers custom model design and 3D printing predominantly for hobbyists. I work with clients to create custom made scale models and accessories, for example, model railways, table top/RPG gaming, RC accessories and board game pieces. If you have another idea in mind, I am always happy to help with any 3D modelling/printing projects.


Previous projects -

Model railway train accessories and replacements

Model railway scenery/Buildings

Table top war gaming scenery

Table top war gaming character accessories and upgrades

Dungeons and Dragons character accessories

Dungeons and Dragons scenery and map creation

Board game replacements

RC plane components and replacements

Rescaling existing models and parts

Recreating replacements parts

Custom dice

Chess pieces



Text/name plates

A final model can be printed in either resin or plastic.

Model extras -

LED lights

Fibre optic lighting

Wireless power transmission LEDs

Wooden bases

USB power

Battery power

Magnet supports and joins

Epoxy resin

Flower resin preservation

Custom model pricing - 

Projects start at £60 for a simple model to be created. Printing starts at £10+material costs.

Model extras start at £10.

A free price estimation can be provided by contacting me by email, using the sites chat function or the form on the contact me page

Discounts starting at 10% can be added for any projects that can be added to the online shop.

Printing only projects -

If you have a 3D model already and need it printed, this can be done here as well.

Prices start at £10 with £10/hr of printing + material cost for your print.


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Contact details -

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