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Waiting Room Kit
  • Waiting Room Kit


    This multi part resin kit is quick and easy to assemble looks great on it's own and fits with the wide station canopy to make a larger structure for your station.


    Windows are not included with the kit and is recommended to use liquid glazing products to finish off the waiting room.


    Dimension of waiting room foot print:

    N gauge - 136mm/22mm

    TT:120 - 170mm/28mm

    TT3mm - 204mm/33.5mm

    00 gauge - 272mm/45mm


    Dimensions of wiating room canopy:

    N gauge - 138mm/58mm

    TT:120 - 172mm/72.5mm

    TT3mm - 207mm/87mm

    00 gauge - 267mm/116mm


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