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Truss Supports
  • Truss Supports


    This pack contains 4 support truss with excellent details. Availble in 3 lengths in N gauge and 00 gauge these truss supports look great on any wagon on industrial scene.


    N gauge small truss support - 33mm/3mm/3mm

    N gauge medium truss support - 66mm/3mm/3mm

    N gauge large truss support - 75mm/3mm/3mm


    TT gauge small truss support - 41.2mm/3.75mm/3.75mm

    TT gauge medium truss support - 82.5mm/3.75mm/3.75mm

    TT gauge large truss support - 94mm/3.75mm/3.75mm


    TT gauge small truss support - 49.5mm/4.5mm/4.5mm

    TT gauge medium truss support - 97.5mm/4.5mm/4.5mm

    TT gauge large truss support - 112.5/4.5mm/4.5mm


    00 gauge small truss support - 66mm/6mm/6mm

    00 gauge medium truss support - 130mm/6mm/6mm

    00 gauge large truss support - 150mm/6mm/6mm


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