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Power Dice and Tray
  • Power Dice and Tray

    SKU: PDAT001

    These are powerful dice for your powerful rolls.

    These completely smooth dice show no marking on the surface yet the numbers shine bright when in contact with the dice tray, creating a truly unique set of dice for your games.

    This set of large dice are powered wirelessly through the dice tray meaning all dice will light time and time again with no risk of the dice battery running dry. Coming in a range of colours to choose from you can really have the right dice for the right occasion. 

    This product contains one D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, the powred dice tray and a case to safely store your new dice.

    LED colours available are white, green, yellow, red, blue white can be selected using the drop down menu to the side.

    If you choose to have a custom colour dice set, please send a message either via the chat function or by email after the purchase has been completed sating which colours you would like each dice


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