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Brick wall
  • Brick wall


    The newest addition to the selection of wall availble. This simple but effective brick wall will look great in any urban, suburban, or rural setting. The pack comes with 4 wall sections, 5 end sections, 4 wall top sections and 5 wall end top sections. 


    N gauge wall length - 100mm

    N gauge wall end size - 6mm/6mm/9mm


    TT:120 wall length - 126mm

    TT:120 wall end size - 8mm/8mm/11.5mm


    TT:3mm wall length - 112.5

    TT:3mm wall end size - 9mm/9mm/13.5mm


    00 gauge wall length - 150mm

    N gauge wall end size - 12mm/12mm/18mm


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